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Jiangsu Holly Corp started its shipbuilding activity in 2006. Backing on its expertise in engineering and project management, the company offers a complete solution to shipowners for shipbuilding in China integrating safe operation, quality assurance and cost optimization.

As the seller in the shipbuilding contract, the company has delivered more than 40 various ships over the years, and earned the place as one of the leading shipbuilding contractors in China. The quality management system of the company was audited and certificated ISO9001 since 2000.
Overall contractor for shipbuilding project
Working intensively together with provincial shipyards, we are able to build and deliver various merchant ships, for example:
  ● Product oil carrier
  ● Chemical carrier
  ● Container ship
  ● Bulk carrier
  ● Ro-Ro vessel
  ● Platform supply vessel
  ● Tugboat
  ● Heavy cargo barge
During the construction of the ship, we join in the production management on site to coordinate among the shipowner, shipyard, designer and classification society. Any deviation from the planned program will be detected immediately and corrected in time. In time procurement, in time construction and in time delivery will be always concerned by our site project management team supported by our technical and financial expertise behind. Furthermore, we may supply the spare parts to the ship in her life time at request.
Add: 16F Holly Building,50 Zhonghua Road, Nanjing,210001 China
Tel:86-2552278601 52278605 Fax:86-25-52278602 52278606
Email:[email protected] [email protected]
Key Contact:Mr.Charly Ji

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