Founded in 1979, we are now a leading manufacturer and trader in Jiangsu Provice, with the annual import and export value exceeding US$300 million. We acquired the certificate of ISO 9002 Quality Control System in 2000, and the corporation has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since September 1997.
Our brand "Artall" is among the most famous brand names of Jiangsu Province. With more than 15 share-holding factories and over 300 staffs, we are able to handle a large scope of high-quality products you are looking for.
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Item No: 09-BM-3G01

Address: Holly Bldg., 50 Zhonghua Rd., Nanjing 210001, China
Tel: +86 25 52278888 Fax: +86 25 52307117 E-mail: [email protected]
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