Founded in 1979, we are now a leading manufacturer and trader in Jiangsu Provice, with the annual import and export value exceeding US$600 million. We acquired the certificate of ISO 9002 Quality Control System in 2000, and the corporation has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since September 1997.
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The 113th Chinese Export Commodities Fair


Booth Number


Tools 14.1I03—05
Phase Ⅰ
Construction Machinery (under Awning) 8.0J18--J19
Lighting Equipment 12.2E36-37 12.2F06-07


Gifts and Premiums 9.2G26-30 H13-17
Phase Ⅱ
Weaving,Rattan and Iron Arts 4.0G15-16 4.0H13-14
Furniture 11.2G33-35 H10-12
Toys 14.2C27-30 14.2D11-14
Home Decorations 16.3D01-03
Gardening Products 5.1J20
Men & Women's Clothes 2.1K37-40 L09-12
Phase Ⅲ
Cases and Bags 9.2F37-39 G09-11
Fashion Accessories and Fittings 8.0G29-32 H03-06
Shoes 11.1G01-02 11.1F45-46
Home Textiles 16.2C22-23 16.2D18-19
Kid's Wear 1.1F26

We welcome you to come and visit us at these trade fairs.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

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Fax: +86 25 52307117 or 52307227
Email: [email protected]
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