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  We are on of the largest manufacturer of aluminium flat rolling products in China as measured by sales, production volume and production capacity and a global industry leader as measured by production volume.  

Our Holly Corp. is a public listed company (ticker listed symbol:600128),which has a  register capital of 35,000,000USD.And we have specialized in aluminium foils manufacture for more than 20 years, we have three factories for aluminium products. And we have 5000 employees ,  2300 of them are working for aluminium products. Our major machines include SMS mill, Achenbach mill, ZhouShen mill, HERKULES grinding machines, as well as annealing furnace.
We believe we have the following competitive strengths:
·Largest Aluminium Flat Rolling manufacturer in China
·Efficient operations with a sophisticated technical platform to produce high-quality precision products
·Well-positioned to be a market consolidator
·Strong customer acceptance
·Strategically located production facilities
·Experienced and dedicated management team and employees with strong industry experience
>> Products
>> Equipment
>> Production Process
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